Mike Titus Construction, Inc

WORLDS OF FUN                                                      Oceans of fun

Northwest Communities Development Corporation (howard penrod, Fred mills, linda holm)

Roy and Linda Ison                                             Dr. Charles McGrath

Phil Bender                                                              Dan and Ginny Hart

Phil and Mary Gross                                           Gary and Linda Robinson

St. Paul's United Methodist Church            Joe and Suzanne Higbee

David and Linda Eickhoff                                Ronald and Doris Goold

John and Kay Mader                                            Daniel and Janet Coleman

Robert and Deanne Bozeman                          Barry and Kris Barnes

Charles and Duronda Walthall                  Beate Hager

Shirley Westervelt                                                John Crick

Connie Kingore                                                      Ron and Jane Hayes

Josh and Jill Guldner                                          Thomas and Marilyn West

David and Sharon Arnold                               Chris Williamson

Tim and Kay Martin                                              Cliff Robertson

Chad and Carrie Mitchell                                Bonnie Honeywell

Mike and Norma Higbee                                      City of Independence

Chris and Donna Isariotis                                Larry and Linda Hill

Cal and Sharron Closson                                Dan and Ginny Hart

Billy and Toni Comer                                          Jonny and Deb Nelson

Harold and Joni Ethington                            Jim and Pam Wright

Mark and Stacy Bowling                                  Dave and Janelle Yoka

Rick and Susan Appel                                           David & Deloris Gallagher

Dr. Susan and Darin Widick, DDS                   Ruthann Bogart

Bill and Ann Howell                                           Greg and Ellen Kornis

Alfred Ambrosi                                                       Herald Hawkins

Jane Ambrosi                                                             Evan and Mary jo Manuel

David and Ellen Mendelsohn                        Bob and Shirley Scott